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Meet 5GT


The rapid development of mobile communication technology has been so fast that some people can't keep up. Although the advent of mobile phones has only been a few decades away, our lives have been completely changed. When everyone feels that 4G is still enough, 5G is ready to go.

The G behind the numbers such as 4G and 5G represents the English word "Generation", which is also the "generation". 5G is the fifth generation communication technology. The division from the first generation to the fifth generation depends on the technology implemented in terms of rate, service type, transmission delay, and various handover success rates.

5G application scenarios are divided into mobile Internet and Internet of Things. In addition to solving the development of mobile Internet, 5G millisecond delay will also solve the wireless communication needs between machines, effectively promoting the development of various fields such as car networking and industrial internet.

5GT Usage And Vision


First of all, in the field of Internet of Things, 5G Internet of Things can realize real-time and fast transmission of hardware data.Blockchain technology can also provide decentralized solutions for large-scale collaboration between devices and devices in the Internet of Things.


Secondly, the high transmission rate of 5G technology and the non-tamperable, secure, traceable and zero-knowledge proof of blockchain also play an important role in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence, vehicle networking, driverless, industrial control, and smart city.


Finally, the blockchain provides basic services for 5G and is a new way of combining. And with the popularity of 5G technology, more interesting applications will be born in the future, bringing more new mobile experiences!

5GT Platform Advantage

Flexible and easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure

  • 5GT will provide complete modular development for developers and users. Developers and users do not need to study the underlying technical details such as cryptography, consensus mechanisms, storage methods, etc., and use simple and fast programmable environments to directly interface with commercial applications, thereby reducing the commercial cost of blockchain.

Adapt to massive blockchain application scenarios

  • At the practical application level, 5GT will combine the future core technology trends of blockchain, 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc., so that each landing application can be quickly popularized in real life. In the future, the highly compatible 5GT public chain will It will seamlessly interface with various digital currency application scenarios.